JaNag Chi Doe

JaNag Chi Doe Rites for Palden Drukpa’s Secural and Spritual wellbeing.
IMG_20180406_224215The 9-day ritual of JaNag Chi Doe which is annually conducted by the Astrology College of Pangrizampa had commenced on 7th April, 2018. This ritual is conducted for the peace of both secular and spiritual parts of the country.
The ritual will be presided by the former Yangpay Lopon Sangay Dorji accompanied by approximately two hundred monks.
JaNag Chi Doe is not only a ritual passed on from generations, it is also considered to be Element Astrology among the three types of Astrology.IMG_20180406_223803
The name JaNag is derived from the place, JaNag, where it was transmitted by Khenchhen Dukar Nagpo and which had spread from there.
All the other rituals are covered in it, therefore, the second part of the name Chi Doe (General Rites).
There are also accounts where all the elementary destructions were avoided at a village in China after Jetsun Jampelyang conducted the JaNag Chi Doe rites.
IMG_20180406_224022The Ritual is being conducted based on the tradition that has been transmitted. It is also being conducted for the general benefit of the World and for the continuous flourishing of the peace and prosperity of the country.
It is also for the good health, longevity and happiness of our monarchs, and also for the well being and flourishing of the enlightened activities of the Sangha chiefly of His Holiness the Je Khenpo.
Therefore, all are welcome to participate in this ceremony. Attending this ceremony will not only clear all the obstacles of your current life but will also accomplish all wishes of your following lives.IMG_20180406_223417
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