Dingrim Shedra

Dodeydra Shedra

Thrulzhig Namkhai Neljor visited and blessed the place in the 9th century. In 1779, Earth Hog Year, Je Yonten Thaye adopted it as his residence. He added several temples to the complex. Later in the 1986, His Majesty the Fourth King and the 68th Je Khenpo established a Shedra for many young students who left their secular schools and joined the monastic body for the first time after completion of their high and junior high schools.

Kanglung Chokhorling Shedra

His Eminence Dorji Lopen Sonam Jamtsho inaugurated the Shedra in 2003.  In 2011 corresponding to the 25th day of 2nd month of the Iron Female Hare Year, His Holiness the 70th Je Khenpo commanded it to start courses for undergraduates. As such, the Dingrim Shedra (Higher Secondary School) was shifted to the present location situated above Kanglung Sherubtse College and was renamed as Kanglung Chokhorling Shedra.

Kidekhar Shedrub Chhoeki Gatshel Shedra

mmexport1460957220135[1]The Fourth King and the 68th Je Khenpo initially set up the Shedra at Ngatshang Sangag Choeling.  Later due to the lack of space for expansion, the 70th Je Khenpo granted approval to shift the Shedra to Kidekhar in 2001. As such, the name of the Shedra was changed from Ngatshang Shedra to Kidekhar Shedra.

Lekshed Jungney Shedra

Lekshey Jungney 2Since the Zhung Budrelpas (Division of Performers) have to keep conducting Kurim for the country day and night, they did not have opportunity to study Buddhist grammar and philosophy. As such, in 2002, Khewang Lekshed Jamtsho, the Ex. Drabi Lopen established a Shedra in the vicinity of the Dzong to provide the needful education and training for the Zhung Budrelpas.

Nalanda Shedra
nalenda sharda
The 9th Je Khenpo, Gyelwa Shacha Rinchen established the monastery in 1757, founded an institution and named it as Nalanda. Over the period of time the institution lost its glory and was closed. In 1993, His Eminence Yonten Gyeltshen, Ex. Dorji Lopen sought approval from His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo to re-establish the Shedra. Approval was granted and a Dingrim Shedra was opened with 65 students.

Phuntsholing Tashi Peldenchoeling Shedra
His Majesty the 5th King and the 70th Je Khenpo inaugurated the Tashi Paldenchholing Shedra in 2009. The Shedra’s academic block and dormitories were constructed by the royal government. The large Zangtok Pelri temple was fully financed by the generous patron Mr. Dophu and his family. Starting from 2014, a Tsechu was also introduced for the Drungkhag and Phuntsholing city.

Semtokha Sangzab Shedra
Simtokha Dzong. South of Thimphu, Bhutan.

Semtokha Dzong was the 2nd oldest Dzong built by Zhabdrung Rinpoche. Construction of the Dzong started in 1627 and was completed in 1629, corresponding to the Snake Year of the 11th Rabjung. The Dzong was destroyed by fire and was renovated by the 3rd Desi Chogyel Minjur Tenpa.  In 1961, the Third King established Rigzhung Lobdra at Wangduetse and was later moved to this Dzong. It was taken over by the Zhung Dratshang again in 1997 and a Zhirim Lobdra (primary school) was established. In 2003, the Zhirim Lobdra was moved to Barp Nyizergang and Sangzab Shedra was established. The Dzong was fully renovated to the present stature with funds from the Government of India.

Sewala Choekhor Mijur Dorjiden Shedra

Jamgon Ngawang Gyeltshen established this place as his residence in the year 1718 AD. Since then, it became the official residence of the successive Jamgon Trulkus. In 1996, His Holiness the Je Khenpo along with other Lopens approached the Fourth King and with kind approval established the Sewala Choekhor Mijur Dorjidhen Shedra.

Tali Shedra

tali shedraPolokhen Rinpoche Kuenga Gyeltshen built this place as his residence. Later he converted it to an institution for learning in 1968. Over the years the structure had dilapidated and in 1993 a Zangdok Pelri was built as per the Royal Command of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.  In 2010, the 70th Je Khenpo opened it as a Shedra. Since then, it has educated and benefited many monk students from the central and the southern region of the country.

Talo Sangacholing Shedra

Talo Dzong
According to history, many learned teachers from India have meditated in this sacred place. Later the mind reincarnation of the Zhabdrung, Jigme Drakpa built the Dzong as his residence in the later part of the 17th century. Since then, successive mind reincarnations of the Zhabdrung continued to live in this Dzong. As such, the Dzong has become a source of the Buddha Dharma and an administrative center. The 70th Je Khenpo and their Majesties the Queens established a Shedra in this historical Dzong in 2000.

Trongsa Tshangkha Shedra

Trongsa Tshangkha Shedra
In 1986, Lam Norbu Wangchuk sought the kind approval of His Majesty the Fourth King to establish a Tsizhung Lobdra (school for astrology).  The Royal government allocated a substantial budget to build the school. Later when the astrology school was shifted to Pangrizampa, the school was converted to a Shedra by Trongsa Rabdey (district monk body) to cater for monk students from the central region.


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