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His Holiness Zhabdrung Rinpoche started construction of Chari Dzong (the 1st Dzong) in 1620, corresponding to the Iron Monkey Year of the 10th Rabjung. It was completed in 1621 and the Zhung Dratshang (Central Monastic Body) was established. Many temples and residences were built for Zhabdrung himself, his teacher Khedrup Lhawang Lodre and successive Dharma Rajas. In 1986, His Holiness Je Tenzin Dhendrup, the reincarnation of Phagdru Dorji Gyelpo, established the Centre for Meditation to train meditation instructors. His Holiness also resided in this Dzong after his resignation in 1989.

Drolung Sangacholing Drubdey

His Holiness Je Gedun Rinchen who was believed to be the reincarnation of Marpa the great translator was the principal of Tango Shedra. One day while he was in meditation, he looked at Drolung hill standing in front of Tango and saw many auspicious signs; and the local deity Langdrapa approached him and requested to build a temple in the area. Accordingly he conducted the groundbreaking ceremony of the temple in 1970. Then his students at Tango and followers from Thimphu came together to build the temple. Besides the large temple, he also built several hermitages for meditators and thus the Drolung Sangacholing Drubdey was founded. His Holiness also built a small temple for Gyedor (Hevajra), the only temple of its kind in Bhutan.

Jachung Karmo Ani Drubdey

Choeje Ngawang Pekar adopted the place as his residence in the 11th Rabjung. Later, Drubthop Ngawang Samten established a nunnery school. The renowned master and Vinaya upholder Tenpai Gyeltshen was appointed as the Lam of the School. But over the period of time, the institute suffered dilapidation following the death of acclaimed Ani Lopen Peldon. In 1997, the administration was taken over by the Zhung Dratshang and so the expenses were met by the Royal government through Dratshang Lhentshog. Later it became a sister institute of Sangchen Dorji Lhundrup Chholing Ani Shedra. It was converted to a meditation center for senior nuns from all four nunneries under the Zhung Dratshang.

Pelgiri Drubdey

The Drubdey was established following the vision experienced by Je Tenzin Dhendup, the 68th Je Khenpo. He had a vision that if a Drubdey was established at Pelgiri, it will benefit the Buddha Dharma in the country. Accordingly His Holiness gave directives to establish a meditation center at Pelgiri.

Tango Drubdey Ngedoen Zungjug Drubpai Gatshel

His Holiness the 65th Je Khenpo Jamyang Yeshi Singye established Tango Drubdey in 1966 corresponding to the 15th day of the ninth month of the Fire Horse Year and it was named as Ngedoen Dzungjug Drubpai Gatshel. Je Tenzin Dhendup became the 1st Drubpon (Meditation Instructor). Since then the Dubdey saw many acclaimed masters completing the Three Years Retreat Courses. Currently His Eminence Gyelse Trulku Rinpoche is also undergoing his Three Years Retreat in this center.

Dzongkha Drubdey

Following the prophesy by protective deities and good fortune of sentient beings Drukpa Kinley’s family son Ngawang Tenzin, discovered a place where appeared the image of the self emerged Dorji Phamo. Here, he opened the Neygo (Opening Secret Place).  Later, the Fourth Desi, Gyelsey Tenzin Rabgay, inaugurated the place and completed his meditation there. He then established a Drubdey there and named it as the Yang-yoen Dzongkha Drubdey with prayers that the center will become a center for practice of meditation in the Kargyud tradition.


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