Five Lopens of Zhung Dratshang

Their Eminences the Lopen Lhengyes

In the Zhung Dratshang organization and administration, the primary upholders of the Dharma are the five eminent Lopen Lhengyes (minister ranking members of the council for religious affairs): the Dorji Lopen, the Yonten Lopen, the Tsugla Lopen, the Tshogki Lopen and the Letshog Lopen who auspiciously symbolizes the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Their primary responsibilities apart from being members of the Dratshang Lhentshog (Council for Religious Affairs) are:

  1. The Dorji Lopen is the head of the inner assemblage of the Sangha. He is in charge of activities relating to the esoteric practices concerning the two Vajrayana stages of generation and completion.
  2. The Yonten Lopen is in charge of activities involving the practice and learning of all categories of Vajrayana rituals, mudras and sadhanas.
  3. The Tsugla Lopen is in charge of activities pertaining to the study and contemplation of the scriptural traditions along with the five sciences.
  4. The Tshogki Lopen is the head of the division in charge of periodic religious services and ceremonies within and outside the Dzong pertaining to the welfare of both the living and deceased.
  5. The Laytshog Lopen is in charge of all of the Sangha’s service related activities, including administration, development, etc. He is also the chairman of the Dratshang Koedtshog (The Executive Committee).


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