Thorim Wogma


     Kanglung Wogmintse Thorim Wogma

His Eminence Dorji Lopen Sonam Jamtsho inaugurated the Shedra in 2003.  In 2011, corresponding to 25th day of 2nd month of the Iron Female Hare Year, His Holiness the 70th Je Khenpo upgraded the Shedra into a Buddhist College with undergraduate courses. Since then, the college, Kanglung Wogmintse Thorim Shedra has graduated four classes of students to this date.

Kila Goenpa Ani Shedra


One of the foremost students of Choeje Goedtshangpa, Chogyal Norbu adopted Kila Goenpa as his residence sometime in the 8th Rabjung, early 16th century AD.  The 70th Je Khenpo upgraded the nunnery school into a Shedra in 2010. It was again upgraded to a Thorim Wogma to give opportunity to the nuns to pursue undergraduate studies. Since then, the institute had seen many aspiring nuns undergoing graduate courses in Buddhist studies.

Rinchenling Thorim Wogma


Gyelwa Longchen Rabjam Drimed Yoezer established a monastery here in the mid 14th century and operated it as his residence in the western region. But the temple fell into ruins over a period of time. As such, the former Yangbi Lopen Chimi with consultation from His Holiness the Je Khenpo Trulku Jigme Choeda rebuilt the temple with a large complex around it. The Chungoen Shedra was relocated to this place in 2000. Lopen Sangay Khando was appointed as the principal. In 2013 the Shedra was upgraded to an undergraduate college.

Sanga Choekhor Thorim Wogma


The 3rd Speech Reincarnation of the Zhabdrung, Choglay Shacha Tenzin, adopted this place as his residence and established a Shedra here in 1765. The dilapidated Shedra was renovated by the Royal Government and Yab Ugyen Dorji. In 1991, the 69th Je Khenpo Je Gaydhun Rinchen reestablished the Shedra. Currently there are 150 monk students pursuing their higher Buddhist studies.

Sangchen Dorji Lhendup Ani Thorim Wogma

This place was visited and blessed by many important Buddhist masters. The 69th Je Khenpo, Geshey Geduen Rinchen, prophesized that a religious institution built there will grow and spread in future. Following the prophecy, Yab Ugyen Dorji constructed the monastery in 2008, corresponding to the Earth Male Rat Year of the Bhutanese calendar. The 70th Je Khenpo presided over the consecration of the monastery in 2010 coinciding with the descending day of the Lord Buddha. On that auspicious day, the monastery was upgraded to Shedra for Nuns. His Eminence Sangay Dorji, the former Drabi Lopen of the Central Monastic Body was appointed as its chief spiritual advisor.


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